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What's going on lately

(last update: Tuesday, February 7, 2012)


  • February 7 / 12:
    Finally! Restored videoclips from the 1995 Inline Concert!.

  • November 10 / 07:
    Another 'postmortem' CD Review of The Ravens Cry: Rocktimes.

  • October 4 / 07:
    At last: 10 years after the splitting of the band there's a new album review to be found here: Roland's World of Prog-Music, under letter 'F'.

  • August 22 / 07:
    5 new mp3 songs uploaded to discography Fuckin Wild and Indian Summer.

  • August 21 / 07:
    Established German version of the whole site, language is selectable through links in the head section.

  • August 19 / 07:
    Established Fuckin Wild at Indipedia entry at Indipedia and Fuckin Wild Wiki entry at Wikipedia. Also created Fuckin Wild MySpace Account.

  • August 18 / 07:
    Updated the "Song Lyrics" page with most of Anja Fritzsches lyrics. Also updated the "How it all began" page and the picture gallery.

  • August 9 / 07:
    Established the"Song Lyrics" page

  • August 8 / 07:
    Finished building the"How it all began" page containing the complete story of all the bands related to Fuckin Wild.

  • August 7 / 07:
    The page is online now. The picture gallery has already a lot of nice pictures. The guestbook and contact sheet are funcitonal too. Discography of all the bands is quite complete, if still missing most of the mp3 links; I will provide them over the coming weeks.

  • August 6 / 07:
    I decided to put online the whole part that has already been finished to give google some time to run its index on it. The contact and guestbook pages are now fully functional, too (which they weren't in these old days: the guestbook was buggy in the beginning, when the page was hosted at geocities, and later on abandoned completely when the page moved to www.fuckinwild.de; there was no contact page, only email links).

  • August 5 / 07:
    Finished transscribing the original website to a more recent technology and added the framework for some more pages to fill the gaps. I didn't really change much of the old pages, even left all the now outdated links, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. In some cases I put an editors note to prevent people from using no longer working mail addresses and such. Overall the biggest changes are the left side navigation (which I'll need for any additional pages without changing the structure of the original page, which had no navigation, only links). The second big change is the common head section with the logo that fits astonishingly well to the old pages too, at least this is my opinion.

  • August 1 / 07:
    When I discovered a lot of old material concerning the years of Fuckin Wild and the other bands that in a way led to it, including a backup of the original Fuckin Wild website, I got the idea to reassemble the pieces and put it online again, as sort of a museum or such, I'd say

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