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The Group Members

Drummer Philipp Roos
Drummer Philipp Roos

Philipp Roos - Drums, Percussion

emerged from Southern Suebia, where he had brought his musical enthusiasm into several bands whose stylistic bandwith ranging from Blues, Hardrock, Funk & Soul music to Ska (!) and Art Rock was capable of expanding rather than narrowing his view.
He joined the band in the summer of 1997. He states:

„Rhythm is pulse - pulse is the heartbeat of life. I'm viewing the band as an organism and so as a drummer I'm not satisfied with supporting the beat.
What is important is the organic FLOW, are the self-induced dynamics while playing, the unity of sound and feeling.

It's not for nothing that drums for centuries are serving as means of human and spiritual communication.

This is my belief as a drummer:

Free the grooves and the asses will follow!“

Philipp is the replacement for Tobias Teschner, who left the band in August 1997.

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