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The Group Members

Guitarplayer Rochus Honold
Guitarplayer Rochus Honold

Rochus Honold - Guitars, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Guitarman Rochus Honold was born in Times of Old in the Suebian Highlands. In Munich he was co-founder and singer of the Doors-style band ‘Indian Summer’ and the blues rock band ‘Red Baron’. Since 1993 he plays guitar for ‘Fuckin Wild’. He’s writing most of the rock-oriented songs of the band. He tells:

„An old Marshall amp, a Gibson Les Paul, wah-wah, octaver, chorus, several flangers and an assortment of different delays combined with feedbacks: that’s all you need to prepare the magic broth... Standard presets I’m leaving to others. If something’s hot, legalize it.
My songs are dealing with my life: love, melancholy, anger, happiness and strange creatures from old tales that inhabit my head and communicate with each other. A melody, a riff or some piece of lyrics are coming to my mind, I’m working on it for some time and then a new song is born. And each one sounds different to those before.
Oddly enough most of my prefered musicians are called James.“
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