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Discography - Records of The Lovers

The Lovers : Single Madness (1991)

This Record was officially released in 1991, engineered by Rainer Saumweber at Pyramid Studios in Munich.

Track list

  • Side A: Madness (3'52)
  • Side B: Vampire (2'28)

The Lovers: Promo Tape 1990

Unreleased promo tape with Midge on keyboards (later replaced by Rainer Saumweber).

Track list

  • The Trip (2'28)
  • Madness (3'22)
  • City Lights (1'42)
  • Children Of The Night (6'04)
  • Gloria (5'58)

Pre-Lovers: Ravenloft

Promo Demo of Anja Fritzsche around 1989 with Klaus Winter and Rochus Honold from Indian Summer on bass and guitars. This very early record was produced using a four track recorder along with a drum machine.

Track list

  • Madness In My Mind
  • Psychedelic Dreams
  • Feast Of Fools
  • Fallen Angel
  • Children Of The Night
  • Revolutionary Girl
  • Vampire
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