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The Fuckin Wild Press Info / Biography

This is how they looked like

  • Name of the band:
    Fuckin Wild
    Duly following the idea: 'Live wild and risky'. There's nothing dirty about it, unless you want to, of course.

  • Style:
    Psychedelic Rock influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Patti Smith, and --as a result of our interest in celtic and eastern culture- also world music and folk.

  • Members:

    Anja Fritzsche (Vocals, Accoustic Guitar, Djembe)
    Rochus Honold (Guitars, Percussion, Backvox, Harp)
    Frank Daiminger (Bass, Percussion, Backvox)
    Tobias Teschner (Drums, Percussion)

  • Biography:
    The band was founded during the summer of 1993. Since then several appearances on stage indoors and open air in Munich and other places in Germany. Recording of the first MC 'Live Fast, Love Hard & Get Into The Boogie' in December 1993. Recording and publishing of the actual album (on CD) 'The Raven's Cry' at ArtVoice Records Munich during winter 1995 and spring 1996, CD-presentation-party `First Electric Magic Happening' on May, 10th at the Loft / Munich.

  • Philosophy:
    We are wild, erotic, psychedelic, fantastic and aggressive.
    We got butterflies in our brains and flowers in our hair. We're leaning towards free love and psychedelic revolution. We're admiring the blues and the hippies.
    We are electric bards, story tellers, roaming people. We're a fuckin Rock'n'Roll band. We're Fuckin Wild.

    Let's Bring Back The Light !

  • Additional Info:

    Fuckin Wild / Drudhardstr. 14b / D-80995 Munich/Germany
    Phone: 049 / 89 / 3149227
    E-Mail: fuckinwild@geocities.com
    Homepage: http://www.fuckinwild.de

EDITORS NOTE: The above contact and link information is outdated and no longer valid. If you want to contact the former members of the band, look here

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